being in albny on my own is hell fun-.-

Anonymous: no. i dont want to be just another person that loved you. i dont feel like being in a competition, I just wanted you to know im sorry for everything. -B

how would that put you in a competition? i want to know why your sorry, because odds are i was the one in the wrong.

Anonymous: i miss you a lot, im sorry for everything...

come off anon please.

Anonymous: I really really really really liked you. I used to go to sleep at night and think of you, then dream of you. I wanted to be with you so badly. Then you just disappeared, stopped talking.. i miss you so much.

Sorry, I dont mean to. Come off anon i wont be able to reply privetly cause im on a mobile..

Anonymous: u even alive these days new pics bub?

haha yeah just been busy, sorry guys. (:

fightingfor-n0thing: FACE DOWN ASS UP THATS THE WAY WE LIKE TO F*CK. it's currently 3 in the effing morning and i have WAY TOO MUCH energy. i miss you!!!!!!!! what you doing this weekend!?

jaimee you crack hoe! call me?:)